Do you feel pain at the ball of your foot when you run or move? It could be metatarsalgia which you did not notice. This painful condition can arise from arthritis, high-impact sports and putting on uncomfortable footwear like high-heeled shoes. Treatment generally focuses on relieving uneasiness and pain. The anti-inflammatories that are available over-the-counter helps to lower inflammation and soothe the pain, but do carry their adverse side effects. A natural alternative for reducing inflammation and relieving the pain is the plant-derived compound CBD that helps to recover faster from metatarsalgia.

What Metatarsalgia  Is All About

The most general cause of Ball of Foot pain is metatarsalgia. The metatarsal bones are constructed in such a way so as to equally bear the weight of a person while walking and performing daily work. When such a fine balance between bones gets disturbed, it can lead to a moderate or severe foot pain. The metatarsals are bones that link the toes to the ankles and metatarsalgia is the various problems you can experience in that area which is the ball of the foot.

Causes of Metatarsalgia

The foot contains small toe nerves within the metatarsal bones. As the head on one metatarsal bone pushes against another, the small nerve gets pressed between them and become inflamed. This results in metatarsalgia.
Other causes ascribed can a change in the posture of the long bones or metatarsals of the foot.  The metatarsals take on the weight during walking and if any bone loses its position due to lack of support or disintegration and fractured from stress it can cause dysfunction among the rest of the bones.

Other factors contributing to metatarsalgia can be

  • An amplified metatarsal head
  • Arthritis or any degenerative ailment of the joints
  • Systemic conditions like diabetes can lead to neurological pain in the foot
  • Calluses or lesions on the skin that results in the uneven distribution of the foot weight
  • A high curve or a second toe that has a greater length compared to the big toe can increase the pressure on the foot
  • Stiff ankle that increments pressure on the metatarsal bones
  • Ageing that causes thinning of the fatty tissue on the foot pad
  • High Impact sports or exercise that places great force and pounding on the ball of the foot such as jogging.

Symptoms of Metatarsalgia

The primary signs of Metatarsalgia includes pain within the ball of the foot which becomes aggravated when you walk on your toes or practice sports. Besides, you also feel uncomfortable when you wear socks and shoes. Besides, pain is experienced when any impact is extended to the foot like running.

CBD Acts As A Natural PainKiller And Tackles Metatarsalgia Symptoms

CBD has been effective in treating arthritis pain and the resultant tenderness, swelling and stiffness from it. Moreover, it can also aid in managing effectively the symptoms emanating from metatarsalgia.

CBD Assuages Pain And Inflammation

This plant compound can treat all kinds of pain – neuropathic, systemic, chronic, or nociceptive. The interaction between CBD and alpha3 glycine receptors can help to relieve persistent pain. In addition, CBD also works as an analgesic by increasing the levels of the endogenous cannabinoid Anandamide in the serum and inhibits its degradation so that it stays longer in the system and helps in lowering pain.
Likewise, CBD also regulates inflammation by working upon the endocannabinoid system and modulates the immune response. This plant molecule activates the anti-inflammatory protein caspase that helps to decrease cytokine production and causes the death of inflammatory immune cells and resists inflammation.

Possesses Neuroprotectant Properties

The neurological attributes of CBD can be applied to curb cell and neural damage and promote healing. This plant compound is therapeutically beneficial for injuries, spinal cord ailments, oxidative stress and traumatic blow besides promotes cell and neuron health. It can be particularly useful in treating the nerve compression in metatarsalgia resulting from the metatarsal bones being pushed together and defuse the resulting inflammation.

Stimulates Bone Growth

CBD has been recognized for promoting bone health, healing fractures, increasing bone density, and also augments the volume and thickness of trabecular bone. By activating the osteoblasts, CBD accentuates bone growth and this can aid in metatarsalgia as their is thinning of the tissues of the foot pad and pressing of the metatarsal bone against one another resulting in nerve inflammation.


CBD has emerged as a potential therapy for all types of neuralgia, myalgia, and chronic pain and inflammation. It works equally well for pinched nerves, tendonitis or muscle sprains and can also ease the symptoms of metatarsalgia pain in the balls of the foot and bone degeneration.